SCK Sports has hired Jonathan Einalhori

Baseball representation firm Sosnick Cobbe & Karon has hired Jonathan Einalhori away from The Topps Co. as the agency’s vice president of marketing, to work on off-the-field deals for more than 30 MLB clients, including Mets slugger Jay Bruce. Einalhori was formerly director of player and talent licensing at Topps. Read Full Article

A’s players TLC with agent’s family

When Jake Smolinski was going up and down between the major and minor leagues last year, the Oakland A’s outfielder lived entirely out of a suitcase. Now, Smolinski is the envy of all: He is staying in a guest house in Danville, rent free, the most recent of A’s players to be taken in by sports agent Matt Sosnick and his wife, Erica. Read Full Article

San Francisco Chronicle

Cousins played at USF and spends offseasons in San Francisco. He's a nice guy and respected by Marlins teammates as a hardworking outfielder. But his home plate knockdown of Posey on May 25 infuriated Giants fans and general manager Brian Sabean, who said his team would be happy if Cousins never played again. Read Full Article

Why I Chose My Agency: Jay Bruce

“I wasn't just a number, and that was huge to me. That's how I conduct my life. It's an extension of yourself. If people deal with Sosnick Cobbe Sports, and they know that I deal with them, I want them to say, "Oh, that's Jay Bruce's agency. I can see why.” Read Full Article

Forbes: Catalysts Of Change

Today's mavericks work behind the scenes. These are agents, doctors, general managers and scouts who have a lot of influence on money earned and spent and which teams win and lose but are unknown outside of baseball's inner circles. Player agent Matt Sosnick uses the phrases "There's no honor among thieves" and "There's some honor among thieves" in equal doses to describe his business.Read Full Article

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